Soy Free
Gluten Free
GMO Free
Four flavors of CirC bites with their wholesome ingredients

We created CirC bites using simple, natural ingredients for a soft bite and balanced, homemade taste. Nothing crazy, nothing artificial, no weird tastes. Just good.

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10G of protein and 26-32G of whole grain, nuts and fruit In every pack

CirC Active

CirC bites delivers essential nutrition and protein to power you through any activity and provide on-the-go energy.

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“The freshest idea in bars since the bar”

Single Packs of the CirC energy sample pack

Energy bars have been the same slab in a pouch for 40 years. At CirC we reimagined the bar as 5 convenient bite-size pieces in a resealable pack to fit the way we eat today.

About CirC
Scuba divers showcasing the energy and protein in CirC energy bites Refueling on a hike with CirC enery bites Woman takes a snack break with CirC energy bites while climbing.