Bars have been the same slab in a pouch for 40 years. At CirC we reimagined the bar as 5 pieces in a resealable pack to fit the way we eat today.

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“The freshest idea in bars since the bar”

We created CirC using simple, natural ingredients for a soft bite and balanced, homemade taste. Nothing crazy, nothing artificial, no weird tastes. Just good.

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10G of protein 26-32G of whole grain, nuts and fruit In every pack

What people are saying


"I'm going to need a 12 pack because my kids would devour these so fast"


"I can't stand those chalky, planty protein bars my husband buys...I could eat these all day"


"The other half of my bars always end up crumbled in the bottom of my bag, I love that this is actually repackable."


"I love the chewy/crispy texture. It feels like I'm eating a candy bar without feeling guilty about it."