About Us

Who hasn’t read a story about the man who invented the perfect bar in his kitchen and then brought his idea of what you should eat to the world? The truth is, behind many bar brands today is a massive food conglomerate or a marketing company that pays a food processor to make their product in a factory with other brands. That’s not us.

I own and operate a bakery in New England. I have an amazing team that’s been creating natural products that people love for years. As a lifelong athlete I’d heard my friends’ dissatisfactions with bars so we set out to ask bar eaters what they really want. We heard them and knew we could reimagine the bar for how people eat today. We created CirC for them. For you.

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We’re food people, not marketing people. We created the CirC bites, we created the resealable package and we created the way to make them. We make every CirC bite ourselves.

I don’t promise that CirC will make you smarter, but I do promise it’s made with the best natural ingredients and tastes great. If you’ve tried CirC I hope you’ll let me know what you think. If you haven’t, I hope you will.